The new proposals that will solve your supply problems.

by | 12 Jun 2020 | A world of leather

Written by Attilio Ercoli

12 Jun 2020

In this article I will give you a brief summary of the new proposals and the most interesting leathers

Hi everyone today I decided that I will give you a summary of the items in stock that have recently been published on the website.

Do not forget, in fact, that at this moment we must be fast, reactive and competitive in order to better face the enormous difficulties we are experiencing at the moment.

 If you have received an order from your customer, you will inevitably also have the need to deliver quickly with a competitive price because you have also been overwhelmed by the commercial apocalypse that represented the corona virus for our economic and commercial system.

So the choice towards an immediately available raw material, of unquestionable quality, at a price sometimes of 50% or even 30% of the regular commercial price, becomes obligatory and reasonable.

Here are the best proposals from my humble point of view.

SELECTED CALF LEATHER. It is impossible not to find what you are looking for. If you have a color you are looking for, a particular finish or a specific look and you need to make a single product or a series of small quantities you must submit your request and your wishes will be realized. Just send a specific request, a color from the pantone to search for and from this source the solution to your problems will come out. Within 48 hours we will offer you a range suited to your needs from our selected calfskin

MOLURO PYTHON. This is my favorite python species And the article ghost  white nut brown is the best. In fact, the ice white color combined with the very marked livery of the morulo, gives to the leather a unique depth. Great for an important shopper bag, it looks just as good for a minimalist pouchette. The stupendous structure that characterizes this type of python and the contextual softness, makes it surprisingly suitable for any type of clothing for a woman who wants to stand out and amaze with class.

CROCODILE I present to you the coccodrillo souple tortora. It is an article that presents an handly, sweet and round look suitable for classy leather goods that glances at comfort; sizes 35/45 also allow cutting for garments with exotic leather inserts which enriches your jacket or outerwear. The scale makes it ideal for making medium-sized bags. it remains voluminous and no way to think is false croco. Other colors are available. To see them click here.

CROCODILE HIMALAYA. We have reached the top of the products currently in our range. Right now we have this Himalaya 30/34, a size suitable for fine leather goods or evening bags, in a metal free tanning that honors the white belly of the nile crocodile to the maximum. In fact, do not forget that the classic chrome tanning give a light blue/gray glaze which in the eyes of your very demanding customer is an unacceptable defect. It is no coincidence that the Himalaya was invented by Hermes with the splendid birkin: the top of the top …

In the next launches we will have an even more exclusive product, made by the master tanners of the turbigo sector. Please wait a little… it will be worth it.



The best leathers and components suitable for all type of manufacturing use

Written by Attilio Ercoli

Italian, he has been working in the leather and shoes business for 25 years; lived for 10 years in Leon, Mexico, a city that produces 130 million pairs of shoes per year, as general manager of one of the most important raw material companies for shoe manufacturers. 

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