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Written by Attilio Ercoli

16 Jun 2020

In this blog I will explain how to make the most of the potential of the site

Today I will give you some useful explanations in order to find the best offer suitable for you in the site.
In recent days I found this article in fashion magazine very interesting, where they report an analysis done by Netcomm that companies need to save time, find new solutions and suppliers, consult content, information and prices quickly, find proposals at the best price, make orders and get assistance at any time of the day, have delivery and logistics services faster and faster. All this is made possible by the digitalisation of B2B business processes, which we expect to evolve even faster, accelerated by the Covid-19 emergency.
For this reason I preferred to do an in-depth look at the dynamics of consultation of the articles on the website
Our site is a market place where once you have identified the items you are interested in, you proceed to request a quote and you get in touch with our seller.
As soon as the quantity, price and terms of sale including shipping are defined, we proceed to the purchase that can be made directly to one of the tanneries with which we collaborate or to our company, KL3 Ltd.

Clearly there may be intermediate steps such as: requesting additional photos and videos, requesting physical samples to confirm color, quality etc., physical inspection for the review of the goods before purchase and other that will be appropriate during the negotiation.
Access to information can take place either directly, through search engines, selecting words such as crocodile, python, soft, matte or selecting the species and then colors.
Or you can direct contact with whatsapp, requesting information then we can prepare a virtual showroom. For example, you can display all the pythons to stock in
The datasheets of the products presented are structured in this way, for example for this article

SKU:10231 is the item number, in case you are interested in this article with this number we can immediately identify what interests you.

NAME:python leather medium brown glace is the name of the article. With an explanatory description

ANIMAL:python leather is the kind of leather, as it is famously known

SPECIE:reticulatus is the species, going into detail

ARTICLE:glace is the article. If you are interested in a specific article, typing its name in the search engine can find other colors or ask and we will help you in the search

COLOR:medium brown. It is the name of the color that belongs to a larger category. in this case in browns. Other categories are black and white, green and blue, etc.

USE:leathergoods, shoes. The use we recommend for this skin

SIZE:27+;30+ are the sizes available

THICKNESS:0.4/0.6 is the thickness of the skin

DESCRIPTION:soft, semishinny some words that distinguish the article

MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY: 3 skins is the minimum order quantity

TANNERY:caravel in this section we indicate the tannery that made it even if it is not always possible to go back up.

PRICE RANGE: FROM 15€ TO 23€ (eur per meter). The price that can go from a minimum to a maximum.

Why isn’t the price unique? The factors for which the price is not unique are basically 3:

Quantity: The more quantity you order, the lower the price in the quote

Selection: at the time of purchase we confirm the choice of goods, doing an analysis both on the spot and on the documents

Size: The bigger the skin, the more expensive it is

At this point you just have to check, search for your item and request a quote; From that moment you will have all the complete information to make the best article suitable for your needs.



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Written by Attilio Ercoli

Italian, he has been working in the leather and shoes business for 25 years; lived for 10 years in Leon, Mexico, a city that produces 130 million pairs of shoes per year, as general manager of one of the most important raw material companies for shoe manufacturers. 

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