The leather in stock. An opportunity in difficult moments and basically an eco-sustainable choice

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Written by Attilio Ercoli

26 Jun 2020

Today I will tell you why to choose the leathers in stock and I will present you some opportunities

In a difficult moment like this, choosing to use leathers already available in stock, at a favorable price, can also be strategic for other reasons.

In fact, the fashion supply circuit is forced to a very aggressive procurement method, increasing the lead time between the launch of orders and actual production.

We can take for example the winter season which is normally the most important in terms of volumes; however, we consider the substantial loss of meaning of seasonality due to the globalization of the brands that sell simultaneously in the northern and southern hemisphere of the world.

The first pre-order is placed at the beginning of December, indicating a first quantity to the tanneries, specifying article and color; first deliveries take place in January, preceded by quality and compliance inspections in the tanneries’ warehouses. Here are the first discards, borne by the tanneries, by quality, in form, color etc. and the first leather stocks are created.

In the months of February and March, the predominant part of the whole order is determined, summarizing all the information from monobrand stores, showrooms, distributors and agents, and 80% of raw material needs are now placed. The months of April and May are only for the last conclusive programming. At this point the production machine is in full swing, right up to deliveries to stores in July, August and finally September.

In this process that takes almost a year from order to product creation, cancellations, order changes or consumption errors occur which inevitably generate a surplus of more or less important raw material, of top quality. Responsibly the big brands put these materials on the stockists market to allow an eco-sustainable reuse, otherwise the alternative would be the disposal as waste or surplus.

Here, therefore, that the stockist carries out the purchase of these parts of re-production in a responsible manner, the enhancement by dividing them by type and the use to then offer them to the market of craftsmen and hobbyists, thus promoting sustainable reuse. Did you ever think that when you are buying leather in stock position, you are doing your duty as a recycling model citizen?

Here I have included on my site some of the products that come from one of the largest leather stock stores in Italy and Europe:

  • The items just ask calf or just ask goat are a service for which you can request to search for any color or finish glossy or matte finish or whatever. Surely you will receive the item closest to your needs at an exceptional price with excellent quality. You can send a reference or send the pantone code to facilitate the search. We will send you photographic material of our products to confirm your needs or if you need physical references. Just try it to believe it.
  • Also choose these items (other colors available): nappa somalia , nappa leongrana pony, camoscio.
  • If you are a hobbyist and you need few selections of leathers, make a request, select this article and indicate what you need to choose mixed but selected leathers
  • If you are a wholesaler and you have many small customers who want a good price and a good quality you can choose from these options: Single sheep skins,  single cow hides selected leather scraps. Then we invite you to visit us, let us know when you want to come so we will organize an organized tour just for you.



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Written by Attilio Ercoli

Italian, he has been working in the leather and shoes business for 25 years; lived for 10 years in Leon, Mexico, a city that produces 130 million pairs of shoes per year, as general manager of one of the most important raw material companies for shoe manufacturers. 

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