For the leather sector, the keywords are sustainability, efficiency and therefore digitization

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Written by Attilio Ercoli

4 Aug 2020

We will move the leathers and the information instead of traveling us and meeting our customers or suppliers.

According to visionaries and gurus of our sector we will have to forcibly adapt to a new way of working in dealing with our customers and suppliers. In fact, we will need to use all the tools to digitalize our business and therefore force the information to travel, while remaining comfortably in our office or home.

This behavior is now by law, we are forced by social distancing regulations, but we will have to take the opportunity to get closer to the IT, innovation technology and AI, artificial intelligence. In this way we will surely obtain a precious saving of financial resources and time.

The opportunities are unimaginable, an example is given to us by google as always, who with the evolution of the algorithm believes that in a short time will provide the most precise weather forecasts of the same meteorologists, as well as being able to predict health conditions, gathering information through the network.

Another example is that provided by Sonoviatech, a israeli startup active in the nanotechnology sector that has developed a zinc-based chemical preparation that applied to fabrics, for example medical, manages to create an antibacterial barrier, even resistant to 100 washes. Incidentally, I am taking the information to see if it is possible to apply the technology to the skin and thus have the same effect and launch a challenge to the experts of our sector to deepen this idea.

The first radical attempts to exploit the technology have already started from the fashion shows made online. For example, Shanghai fashion week was held online using the TMall platform of the Alibaba group. The use of the platform has made it possible to combine other online information services with the traditional show, much appreciated by customers who have been able to take advantage of the vision from home. Furthermore, thanks to the low costs, it was possible to allow the vision of young emerging Chinese designers and brands. In the next few months practically all fashion weeks will take place online, so we will see how everyone will customize this event.

Concerning me i m doing a big change with my site; i started by visiting customers with a bag full of leather and doing fairs around the world; now I believe that keeping my samples available online, with all the necessary information, forming a large leather database is the way to sell and offer advice and services.

In fact, I can offer an enormous quantity of items organically, I expect to reach 1000 items by 30/6 and 10,000 by 31/12/2020, with the possibility of distinguishing between items in stock, discounted with those instead of regular production, available on order. I can also give advice, because I have collaborators on all the Italian tanning and manufacturing areas and are therefore able to provide information and services without practically moving from the Marche region, where I live.

In any case, it is always necessary to maintain the physicality for which I am always able to send sample references, color cards and I am always available for personal visits when quality control or the choice of color or article variants are required.

Another example of the application of technology to the sale of fashion can be seen in this video; I personally really like the simulator mirror which avoids the effort of having to try on all the garments, but assistant robots and small devices that communicate the offers when passing in front of the shop will be the new frontiers.



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Written by Attilio Ercoli

Italian, he has been working in the leather and shoes business for 25 years; lived for 10 years in Leon, Mexico, a city that produces 130 million pairs of shoes per year, as general manager of one of the most important raw material companies for shoe manufacturers. 

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