sheep leather lining light

We can send you the samples of the items you selected: a piece of 30cmx30cm or less, according the situation.

The cost of the sample is of 50€ each plus shipment cost according your location.

All the items are available unless the crocodiles, pythons skins and other exotic skins, because of the CITES documentation.

If you need samples please write a note during your request, we reply you the cost of the shipment.

The price shown in this sheet refers to a whole skin.

All prices are intended Ex Works.

The price of this product is set at € per unit (as shown in desription) and varies within specific measurement ranges. In this particular case, The value of one skin has been calculated in order  to establish a  value for the determination of the overall order and to define the required 30% down payment for order confirmation.

The final amount will be calculated upon order confirmation and reconciled on the final invoice.

The minimum order for each product is indicated in the description. Our discount policy is automatically applied to the total cart value, following these rules:

  • No discount is applicable for orders up to € 1.000.
  • A 10% discount is applicable for orders ranging from € 1.001 to € 10.000.
  • A 15% discount is applicable for orders exceeding € 10.000

In any case, it is recommended and appreciated to have direct contact with us to further define and personalize the offer and the applicable discounts.